The Invincible Mindset 101: The Ultimate Guide

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The invincible mindset is more than just immunity to negative influences. It’s about knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, you will discover new things about yourself that you can be proud of. Uncover your purpose in life so that you can work effortlessly. And in addition, solving childhood issues that had tagged on you for so long. Overall, developing an invincible mindset improves your life. But it needs time and a lot of self-reflection. Dive into the ultimate guide to developing the invincible mindset.

1. Know who you are and find out what makes you great

The invincible mindset 101 - define who you are

First of all, you have to understand yourself better than anyone else. Not only your dislikes and likes but also your values. What is important to you? What triggers you? What kind of values do you treasure most? These are some basic questions you can answer yourself to find your values. If you know your values, you will understand yourself better. This is the first step – self-reflection.

Self-reflection is an essential tool for self-discovery. With it, you will discover what makes you confident and what annoys you. Uncovering your self-confidence and regulating your self-control will positively affect your self-image. People see you how you see yourself! Once you have a picture of yourself you will behave differently. For example, injustice isn’t looked away so easily. As an outcome, you start to stand up for yourself more often. Pointing out things that are done wrong to you. Without fear, you are up to that confrontation whoever it is. You become mentally stronger.

This new behavior of strength leads you to two discoveries—your circle of competence and a new desire. The circle of competence is a list of your hard and soft skills. Knowing what you are good at boosts your confidence and strengthens your mindset. Therefore, desire fuels you to move forward in life.

#1 Finding yourself – The invincible mindset 101

The first step of the invincible mindset is finding yourself. These questions will help you find your answers:

  1. What values or people are important to you?
  2. What are you proud of?
  3. How do you see yourself?
  4. When do I stand up for myself?
  5. What am I good at?
  6. How to develop your desire?

Defining your values is defining your character and mindset. Who are you? What makes you so great? Only you can answer it yourself because everyone is unique. Therefore, no one has the ultimate answer. Start defining yourself. This is the first step toward the invincible mindset.

2. The Will for Change

The invincible mindset 101 - be willing to change yourself and by yourself

Developing an invincible mindset means change. You can’t build something until you destroy an old building. It is the same with the invincible mindset. The moment for change happens when you crave more. Once you discover your new personality, you might feel dissatisfied. Activities you had fun with didn’t give you joy anymore. Conversations with friends bore you. Your work feels monotonous and underwhelmed. It means that you are at a turning point in your life.

Since you have defined yourself, you see things more clearly. You understand where your priorities are. Therefore, things that aren’t on your priority list just seem unnecessary. At this point, anything can feel like a burden. From simple activities like playing video games or people like friends and family. It depends on who you are.

The moment for change is when you realize you have outgrown your friends. Looking for new like-minded people is always a huge obstacle for people. Because it means that you aren’t “loyal” to your current friends, but change your perspective on this. Would you kill someone for the sake of a friend? If yes, it means you have no desire for a better life. Your future should never depend on your friendship. If so, it isn’t a good one. At some point, you have to be egoistic. Even when you are the only one who wants to change. Move on, go alone. Because you can change yourself and not other people. Not everyone can be “saved”.

#2 Your time is now – The Invincible Mindset 101

Your strong desire for new opportunities should be the reason to change. Willing to change and improve your life is part of the invincible mindset. Therefore, don’t shy away from cutting off dead wood. Even though it looks merciless, it’s a necessity. Find your inner peace by asking: Why do I want to change? Is it because people like me told you so? Or are you fed up with your life? Repeating mistakes all over again. Disappointing beloved people. Feeling miserable whatever you do. Be willing to change!

3. Change through habits

The actual process of change is difficult. Just because you feel ready to change doesn’t mean guaranteed success. It takes a lot of self-discipline and willpower to do so. Here is the secret: no one ever reaches change with self-discipline and willpower alone. Because good habits, not discipline, lead to success.

For example, when you exchange being on social media daily for 12 hours with painting. Imagine what a great artist you could be! But why does being on social media seem easier than painting for 12 hours? Is it the difference in the effort? Not really. It’s because you aren’t used to it. So, what happens when you paint 12 hours per day for 4 months? It will become a habit of yours. Do you motivate yourself to do so? No, you don’t. Because it becomes natural to paint for 12 hours.

#3 Habits help better than discipline – The Invincible Mindset 101

The formula for creating and breaking a habit is almost the same. Repeat something for 3 months and voilá you have created a habit. The method to change yourself.

4. Kill your victim mentality

The invincible mindset 101 - kill your victim mentality

Having an invincible mindset means being unaffected by negativity. Most of the negativity comes from within. Regardless of the source of negativity, we decide how much we are affected by it. As an adult, we decide how we handle this. Instead, the victim mentality works against it. The victim mentality drags us down. Self-doubt, anxiety, or insecurities, for example.

On many occasions, I observe people who drown themselves in self-pity. Instead of working for a solution, they accept their fate. They are giving themselves the chance to be more miserable. Thinking that life is not worth living, they continue until this negativity becomes their personality. Someone who once was funny and cool to hang out with became a miserable potato. A spiral of negativity is created. This is further deepened by overthinking. To every outcome exist 5000 imaginary scenarios that we overthink. What happens, if…? This simple question is the start of many hours of wasted energy and time.

#4 Gain the hero mentality – The invincible mindset 101

Killing your victim mentality and all its belongings should be erased. The sooner the faster you free yourself from the chains. Having the invincible means not to deal with this stuff. Self-pity can be cured easily and overthinking means you just have too much time.

Overall, your victim mentality is a sideproduct of many other things. Lack of purpose, desire, and maybe not knowing yourself is one of the reasons. But it will be cured.

5. Deal with bad vibes correctly

The invincible mindset 101 - deal with bad vibes correctly

While you can deal with inner negativity now, bad vibes can come from outside. Learning how to deal with it is part of the invincible mindset.

One of them is opinions. Many people believe that giving opinions is good. Good for the person who receives it. With that information, they can improve themselves. Or do they? In our time where opinions are everywhere, it’s hard to believe one side if there are so many other sides. Instead of trying to improve, many people figure out which one to believe first. And this is not easy. Because opinions have different values. Some are informative, others are subjective and some others are manipulative. Stop giving opinions too much value. Start to differentiate them.

The second one is to feel responsible for everyone. It starts with your friends. The stronger your bond, the more you feel responsible for them. But cut it out. Not everyone can be or is worth being saved. You are responsible for yourself. But you are not responsible for your loved ones after adulthood. Understanding this will help you worry less.

#4 Don’t let them drag you down – The Invincible Mindset 101

Negativity from the outside is always present. It will affect you. But you decide to what degree. One of my first steps is to exclude news from my life. It helped me find my inner peace. With that peace, I could deal with my false thinking and uncertainty. A step further toward the invincible mindset.

6. The fuel of an invincible mindset – The Purpose

The invincible mindset 101- the purpose is the fuel of your life

After freeing yourself from all bad vibes and insecurities about yourself, finding the fun of your life is important. What makes you happy? What is the reason you stay up? Answering these questions is essential. Because without a purpose in your life, you feel empty. Even when you are without any negativity. The invincible stays strong as long you have a purpose in your life. It doesn’t matter what purpose. For some, it’s family and friends. For others, it’s to live the day to its fullest. And for others, it’s about prestige and power.

Whatever your purpose is, stay focused. Don’t get easily distracted by minor events. Keep your consistency high. Because the only way to achieve your goal is to have fun. As long as you have that, your mindset stays invincible.

#6 What makes you happy? – The Invincible Mindset 101

The invincible is not only about erasing negativity and change. It is more than that. Who cares about this strong mindset when all you do is stay strong? It’s crucial to find something in your life worth living for. Why? Because when you find your purpose, keeping your invincible mindset is easier.

7. Ego and Pride

The invincible mindset 101 - don't let ego undermine you

When you followed the previous steps, you developed a basic understanding. An understanding of an invincible mindset. You might find answers to why your mindset was weak. You understand yourself better. How and why do you behave in a specific situation? You found values that are important to you. Summarized, you know how to go further to develop an invincible mindset. However, at some point, you are proud of your progress. You despise people who have the same struggle as you.

Your pride and passion have taken possession of you. You are filled with self-confidence and strength. That will might result in arrogance. But aren’t self-confidence and strength part of the invincible mindset? Unless you don’t flex with it, yes. But the louder you are, the fewer people see it in you. People who talk a lot about their accomplishments or passion aren’t credible. Because when you flex about it, you don’t have it at all.

For example, I talked about opening a café. I told my parents, my girlfriend, and my friends. The more I talked about it the more I believed I had done it. But in fact, I wasn’t near to opening one. I lost my credibility.

#7 Don’t flex and don’t talk about your accomplishment – The Invincible Mindset 101

The problem when you are filled with pride is that you are easily manipulated. For example, you are proud of your work. Someone criticizes it even in a nice way. No matter what. You will feel attacked somehow. Once you fall into defense two things happen. First, you are controlled by other people and your negative emotions. Things that people with an invincible mindset don’t let happen. And second, you stop listening. Every time you stop listening, you stop improving.

The beauty of silence is that no one knows where you are and where you are coming from. Talking about how smart you are, beautiful, or how successful you are, damages your credibility. First of all, people will be jealous, they won’t believe you, or they won’t care about it at all. So, why bother telling people? It is enough to live with pride and do things with passion. People will see it anyway. By talking, you lose a lot and gain nothing.

Therefore, be humble and stay low. Your work and progress are louder than your words.


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