Why you are better off without opinions

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In school, our teachers teach us that creating and speaking out opinions are fundamental to the free mind. Mostly, after every speech or presentation, students are demanded to speak their minds, through opinions. This will be a problem when opinions are based on weak research of a topic. Which can lead to radicalism and dangerous idealism?

However, throughout my young adulthood, I received many useless opinions. Furthermore, every kind of opinion I receive is either common sense, a selfish act, or without any value to me. Our society is not overloaded with information, instead, it is overloaded with opinions.


Why you are better off without opinions - Reasons

Should the minimum wage be raised in your country? Does God exist? Is communism bad? How will the weather be next summer? Is gene-manipulate food bad?

We express opinions on complex questions

I am sure you have an opinion on every question above. But in reality, those questions are too complicated to answer in a blink of an eye. Additionally, every question above needs hours of research to have a fundamental idea of it and more days to truly understand its negative and positive outcomes of it.  And, we humans are so arrogant to know everything that we give half-baked opinions solely based on our emotions. For example, when you hear about gene-manipulated food, it sounds just evil, and it cannot be good at all. But, there are good arguments for it why gene manipulation of food should be more common.

Our human brain creates ideas, viewpoints, and opinions non-stop throughout our life. Regardless of our interest in these specific fields. Furthermore, if it comes to political issues and radical ideology, you are better off without opinions.

Unanswerable questions

Many people tend to give opinions about unanswerable questions. Does God exist? This cannot be answered, never. Furthermore, life gets exhausting if you give opinions about made-up scenarios. “What do you think about,… when this happens…?” It is just a waste of time. I spent so many nights giving opinions about scenarios. And the worst part, those scenarios mostly does not even happen. A waste of time.

Giving opinions on fields we have no interest

This phenomenon is mostly seen in sports quite often. In Germany, American Football is a non-popular sport. The public TV only streams American Football if the Super Bowl event happens. And, I caught myself and many others who think that they know a lot about this sport. In addition, we judge the quarterback’s performance solely on this game. How stupid is that? I cannot even name one player and I dare to judge a quarterback. This is ridiculous. Stop it right now.

Opinions on people

why you are better off without opinions - on people

Having an opinion on topics or fields is one matter. But this changes when you have an opinion on people’s behavior or their character. Like life, people are complex, too.  And giving judgment on people whose lives and problems you have never heard of, is just cowardly and unacceptable. People who tend to give fast judgment or opinions on people have a huge lack of self-esteem. Like a little child looking for attention, trying to be heard by giving opinions on everything. Such a pitiful selfish act.

Giving opinions with no value

Giving half-baked statements is one thing, but the most annoying one is opinions without value. “I like it/I don’t like it.” Well, good for you. But this is my life why should I care about what you think? I just cannot listen to statements regarding e.g.: the decoration of my room, my taste in music, outfit, and my diet. Stop giving opinions if it is about your taste. Who gives a fuck anyway?

Forcing your opinions on others

I go from 0 to 100 in 0,0000001 seconds when people think to know what is good for me. My rage is always so immense that my brain shuts down on its own and consequently I usually walk away to cool down.
Every human being on this earth, you included, is special. Because every small variable could make us different from others. Order of birth, place of birth, time of birth, born as a girl or a boy. Additionally, the age, the people around you, events, accidents, environment, kind of parents, or no parents, political system, and so on. Everything of this defines who you are. Also, every kind of failure and victory defines you. This is why the only one who knows you best is you!

And it just pisses me off when people think to know what is good for me. Mostly, when they force me to do something that I do not want. Just because you need it, it does not mean I need it. Just because you are hurt by it, it does not mean I will get hurt by it. Even though people do it because they care for you, their care and arguments are not needed. Why? Because you should know yourself better than anyone.

Many problems with your life, you are logically the first one to notice. You are the one who knows what you should do now and what is best for you. So stop listening to views from others about your life and stop giving opinions.


why you are better off without opinions- advice

How to give opinions

I hope, I could convince you that sharing your opinion is a waste of time. But, there comes the time when you need to provide opinions. When my female friends have a breakdown or did not know what to do in life, I hesitate to give opinions about what they should do. Instead, I ask questions. Specifically, how they feel about it. What do you hope for when,…? How do you feel about it? What do you think makes you feel like this? Instead of giving thoughts or judging anything, I would rather let them find out for themselves by asking questions.

Because many people who ask for opinions are insecure. And you should calm them down and help them order their thoughts by asking them specific questions or ice cream. Everyone loves ice cream lol.
Mostly, for friends, I am cautious about giving opinions. Of course, you want the best for them, but who does know what is best for them? Only they can answer it. So be careful, if you “help” them, because giving opinions would influence them, and this is a responsibility you do not want to have. Unless you are a bitch hungry for power, then go to hell.

What kind of opinions you should pay more attention

The only thoughts I want to receive are those which may provide me with another point of view or information I do not know. Or a professional evaluation from one person trained in their specific field. I did ask my friends to give me their “opinions” about my blog posts when I started. But what I wanted to be a well-structured, logical, and on-evidence kind of evaluation. I paid less attention to: “I like it.”, and paid more attention to: “On your x-paragraph, there were some mistakes and is hard to read.”

However, these “opinions” are not opinions at all. Providing information or evaluation is not giving opinions. Opinions are subjective, information is objective. So the only real statements that matters are the one that gives you another point of view.
And this is the only opinion that matters.

Summary -Why you are better off without opinions


All in all, your life improves significantly if you are better off without opinions. I started a while ago to stop giving opinions on topics and people. And it contributes more peace to my life. Your life is busy enough without dealing with other’s people concerns.

And do not mistake opinions with evaluation. Many people are looking for evaluation rather than opinions and it makes sense. I like to hear an evaluation of my blog posts from a well-known author rather than my 15-year-old brother.

So, all I want to say is, that you did your best in your life at any point in time. And, that you make it this far proves that you are capable of more. Believe in yourself more and trust more in your judgment. Rather than collecting opinions like pokemon gym badges, inform yourself, and research information from objective sources that help you in your decision progress. Be strong!



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4 years ago

I agree with your points but do you think that too cautious before raising an opinion is good? I rather speak my out my mind then correct it than hesitate to do.

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