30 Ways women can score big with men

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The greater the love for someone the more frequently does a woman gives and shows love. She will give her love every time, everywhere, and without condition. This is how a typical woman appreciates her partner. In 90 Ways to score a point with a woman, we should understand it by now. Men are different. If women want to score big points with men as they assume from other females, this strategy would not help.

Deep down in their true nature, every man will be the hero, the knight in shining armor. Therefore, men show their love only in emergency cases. For example, if you cannot finish your work for an important meeting and the deadline is coming, he will jump in and helps you. Here is what he thinks when he helps you successfully: “I scored so many points by helping her. It is now her turn, and I hope it is a big favor.”, “I am the hero!”, “I rescued her during an emergency, this must be unconditional love.”



Difference in scoring

As we know, he will get only one point from a woman, because it does not matter how big the help was. It is all about quantity. The problem is that men will lay back until she is even with him in points. The tragedy in this common story, she does not see it that way. She will give him help with one point instead of 50 points what he assumes.

What occurs? You guess it, fights. She will complain that he does not love her or does not give her enough appreciation, while he complains that she is a greedy bitch. This is what I observe in other’s relationships and my relationships.



30 Ways women can score big with men


What happens: 

  1. He makes a mistake and she does not say “I told you so” or offer advice. –10-20 Points
  2. When he disappoints her and she does not punish him for it. –10-20 Points
  3. He gets lost while driving and she does not make a big deal of it. –10-20 Points
  4. When he gets lost again and she sees the good in the situation and says
    “We would never see the beautiful sunset if we had taken the most direct route. –20-30 Points
  5. He forgets to pick up something again and she says with trusting patience and
    persistence “It’s OK. Would you do it next time?” –10-20 Points
  6. He forgets to pick something again and she says with trusting patience and
    persistence “It’s OK. Would you still get it?” –20-30 Points
  7. When she has hurt him and she understands his hurt, she apologizes and gives
    him the love he needs. –10-40 Points
    | I have friends who have this double standard. If their boyfriends are hurt, they
    badmouth him as a “pussy”, while he must make good if he hurts her…
  8. She asks for his support and he says no and she is not hurt by his reaction but trust
    that he would if he could. She does not reject him or disapprove of him. –10-20 Points
  9. Another time she asks for his support and he again says no. She does not
    make him feel wrong but accepts his limitations at that time. –20-30 Points
  10. She asks for his support without demanding it when he assumes the score is
    somewhat even. –1-5 Points
  11. She asks for support without being demanding when she is upset or he knows
    she has been giving more. –10-30 Points
  12. When he withdraws she does not make him feel guilty. –10-20 Points
  13. When he comes back from his cave she welcomes him and does not punish
    him or reject him. –10-20 Points
  14. When he apologizes for a mistake and she receives it with loving acceptance
    and forgiveness. The bigger the mistakes he makes the more points he gives. –1-infinity Points
  15. When he asks her to do something and she says no without giving a list of reasons
    why she cannot do it. –1-10 Points
  16. When she asks her to do something and she says yes and stays in a good mood. –1-10 Points
  17. When he wants to make up after a fight and starts doing little things for her and she
    starts appreciating him again. –10-30 Points
  18. She is happy to see him when he gets home. –10-20 Points
  19. She feels disapproving and instead of expressing it, she goes into another room and
    privately centers herself and then comes back with a more centered and loving heart. –10-20 Points
  20. On special occasions, she overlooks the mistakes that might normally upset her. –20-40 Points
  21. She reaaaaaaaaaaaaally enjoys sex with him. –10-40 Points
  22. He forgets where he put his keys and she does not look at him as irresponsible. –10-20 Points
  23. She is tactful or graceful in expressing her dislike or disappointment about a restaurant
    or movie when on a date. –10-20 Points
  24. She does not give advice when he is driving or parking the car. And appreciates him for
    getting them there. –10-20 Points
  25. She asks for his support rather than dwelling on what he has done wrong. –10-20 Points
  26. She shares her negative feelings in a centered way without blaming, rejecting,
    or being disapproving of him. –10-40 Points
  27. She asks him to do something. He does it in a way she does not like. But she does not
    complain that she could do it better and stays silent. –10-50 Points
  28. She does not blame him in front of others. –20-30 Points
  29. When, she asks for his advice or support first, even though she knows better-suited people for it. –30-40 Points
  30. She stays by his side when he has a hard time which attacks his motivation, will to live, or
    even their love. –50-Marry her Points.

The score points shown in the list are equal to women’s points. 1 point is equal to 1 point. As you can realize, scoring this huge will make men appreciate you more and give you more love if he is behind in points.




ways women score with men - summary

Each of the points above is a suggestion and women are not required to fulfill all of them. It is not the quantity men care about it is when. Especially, when men are in a state of their hugest vulnerability. Here, women can score infinity points and influence the men to maybe marry them. Women’s ability to give love wavers over time, instead of men’s ability to receive love wavers. This leads us to one thought that you only have to remember. Rule: Support him without blaming him every time he makes mistakes, is ashamed of, feels sorry, or is hurt, and he is yours. Remember parts of the list of the ways women can score with men.



Source: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus – John Gray



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