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The Beginning of Please-your-mind: When I was 20 years old. I played a known game called League of Legends. At that time I played the game for 4 years now. And it was fun. I play it mostly out of joy. But at one point I stopped playing it for fun. So, I took this to the next level- My goal was to achieve a certain rank in this game to prove I am good at this game. My investment was huge, I spent a lot of time watching tutorials on how to play properly, rewatching my mistakes, and practicing for about 8 hours a day. After 1 month of hard work, dedication, and the morale of a good friend, I finally reached my goal.
A strong pulse of happiness struck throughout my body. I was happy, I screamed and cheered. I could not believe that I reach this rank.

But this does not remain long.  I realized, that this virtual rank means nothing. Who even cares for this stupid game? I invested so much into this, but the only area where I can use my newly gained skills and knowledge is in this stupid game. It makes me depressed soon after. So, I ask my friend, who I cheered with before, a simple question:  “What now?”

Is there more in life?

At first, he does not understand. Well, I learned two important lessons that will shape me forever. First, the next time I invest in something it should benefit more than two areas of my life. Ideally, it should also benefit my real life somehow. I did not want to become a pro gamer, you should know. Secondly, when I put my ass down and start to take things seriously, I could reach something.

So I asked my friend: “We spent so much time developing our skills, reading tutorials, and rewatching our mistakes in this game. So, what happened if we use this process to improve our life? Logically, we will “rank up” too, right?”

We started simply. We add all the things we want to do or achieve until we turn 30. It is a long list and some of it is ridiculous. However, achieving our goals needs a lot of skills and time. We had to research a way to achieve it. For example, one of my goals is to dine out without looking at the prices. I wanted to be financially independent. But how?  The first thing we did was read books, a lot of books. That was the first time I get to know about self-improvement.

The first book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki is the book that changes my mind about the world. I learned so much in this single book than probably all the lectures in university and in my life experience so far. Since that day, I have read many books about self-improvement and about relationships between lovers or friends in general.

The Start of Please-your-mind

Please-your-mind a self improvement blog

However, reading a lot and gaining knowledge as much as possible is useless when I made no step. So for the next years, I continued reading books, I tried many business-models and I was always searching for an idea. It took me 4 years until I got an idea.

In a typical pre-drinking session at a friend’s apartment, I talked with a girl about her relationship. She had a difficult time with her boyfriend and she did not understand him. Since the start of reading my first book, I read more than 25 books so far. With my amateur knowledge, I talked with her and explained the psychological difference between men and women. I was surprised by what a face she did. You know this feeling when you solve a math problem that bugs you so much? She showed me this kind of face and thanked me a lot. This face of enlightenment is what I want to see. This made me happier than any gaming experience. This is the reason why I started to blog all about what I read.

The Vision of Please-your-mind

My blog is now online for more than a year. And I realized something. Privately some people approach me with questions. Questions about self-improvement and relationships. And I realized something. I loved to help people in their most desperate moments when it comes to these topics. I could solve a deep-rooted problem in a couple’s relationship by asking well-aimed questions and explain the opposite view of their partners. Furthermore, I easily ignited a friend from my local Starbucks to start a side business. And until now, I am tutoring him on how to keep a strong mindset.

Summarized, I realize that posting an article per week is not enough for me. And it brings no benefit for you and for me. We need a more personal interaction because now I am communicating over a blog post. In addition, every problem is individual which cannot be solved by a blog post alone.

About myself

I am Thien, 29 years old, and the second generation of Vietnamese living in Berlin, Germany. I was born and raised here.
I am a Web developer, but what is more important is my passion. I love reading. Mostly about business and self-improvement books. When I started reading I did not know what a world would open up to me.  A new world of excitement, knowledge, and inspiring people who love to share their knowledge. And I am eager to read more and learn more so I could provide you with all the knowledge I find throughout my journey.

Current Work:

  • Blog: Please-your-mind
  • Freelancing as a Web-Developer

As you can see, I am and will be always on the way to freedom. I will reach this goal over many projects. Follow me and my journey, see everything through my eyes, and read what I am thinking about specific areas of life. I hope I will see you more often on this blog.

Your Thien

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