The only way to achieve your goal

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Everyone does struggle to achieve their goals. Small goals, big goals, achievable goals, and utopian goals. Not only we do not know how to set our goals right but also we do not know how to stay motivated to finally get there. There is only one way to achieve your goal. Let’s please your mind.

Destroy all options to achieve your goal

When I talked with a friend about my future goals and how to achieve them, my friend confused me with a question. He asked: “Do you have a second plan if your plan does not work out?” It annoys me because I did not have an answer to it. Not even right now. I answered with a question: “Should I have a second plan?”. He: “Yes, what happens if the first plan does not go well?” My answer made him speechless. “I hustle until I achieve my goals?”

There was a difference between me and him. He does have multiple plans to pick up if he fails. And this kind of behavior is really common. If something happens, you can dodge another option. But like in financial markets, playing on the safe side always comes with a price. Even though, options seem to be free. However, the price is mostly hidden and unpredictable.

  • You waste time and energy
    Every other option of your lifegoals bears a decision with it. And with it, spending a lot of energy and time. Without other options, you do not have to waste time and energy on forging plans.
  • If you purchase and kind of options you will purchase nothing at all
    e.g.: When you try to learn any kind of instrument/sport/skills you will master none.

Instead, I only know one way to achieve my goals. There is no other option. With this in mind, creating options or other ways, destroy your possibility of success.

The only way to achieve your goal is to destroy all options, back-ups, and plans from b to z. Like cutting all your escape routes the only way left is to go straight forward!

Be SMART – how to set a proper goal

SMART - the only thing you need to know do to achieve your goals

Before you even head out to fulfill your dreams, you have to set a proper goal. I worked for a financial service provider back in 2016. And learned a lot about business and proper self-improvement strategy. One of the several lectures was about setting your goal SMART.

Every goal has to be SMART. Let set a goal as an example: I want to do more sport.

S – Specific

“I want to do more sport.” is an unspecific definition of your goal. What does “do more sport” even mean? Do you mean going to the gym once a week, attending a sports club, or use the stairs instead of the elevator?
Instead: I want to lose weight by swimming three times a week. This is specific.

M – Measurable

In addition, it is not enough to specify your goal. It must be measurable as well. How much do you want to lose weight? 1 kg/lbs of body fat or more? Let your goal be measurable.
Instead: I want to lose 2 kg/lbs of body fat by swimming three times a week. This is measurable.

A – Ambitious

Furthermore, your goal must be worth enough to call them a goal. “Tomorrow I will stand up early”, “I will drink more water” or “I will do [insert task of your daily life]” is not ambitious. Moreover, it is more called a task and is not worth mention as a goal.
Instead: I want to lose 2 kg/lbs of body fat by swimming three times a week. This is ambitious enough, no change is needed.

R – Realistic

Measuring your goal to be realistic is based on your own skills, knowledge, and your fighting spirit. But, we can agree that these goals are impossible to reach:

  • Aiming to Please Everyone and Avoiding Conflict
  • Never Experiencing Failure
  • Achieving Success Without Making Any Mistakes
  • Being in Love All of the Time
  • Being the Best in Every Area of Your Life
  • Never Having to Ask for Help
  • Staying Young Forever

Set your goal realistically so you can achieve it.
Instead: I want to lose 2 kg/lbs of body fat by swimming three times a week. This is realistic enough, no change is needed.

T – Terminated

This last part of our SMART rule is the most important section and it is the only reason why many goals a doomed to fail. Set a deadline for your goal. You know everyone loses their mind if the deadline comes near. Use this to your advantage, and furthermore, it gives you the possibility to plan properly.

If you know how much time you have, you can break your plan down from years to months, weeks, and finally days. With that as your basis, you can plan what you have to do daily/weekly to reach your goal

Instead: I want to lose 2 kg/lbs of body fat by swimming three times a week in 3 months. With this proper definition of a goal, your goal is finally SMART.

Summary – The only way to achieve your goal

summary - the only thing you need to know do to achieve your goals

The only way you need to do to achieve your goal is to cut all of your escape routes. Do never allow yourself to think of another plan that might work. If you have your main plan stick to it until you reach it. Always repeat to yourself that this is the only way to do it. With that, you will one day believe it yourself and eliminate all kinds of options. Like the feeling of a sale offer or Black Friday, this is your only chance. This psychological trick will help you stay focus and let you keep hustling. And this is the only thing you need to know to do to achieve your goal.

In the next few weeks, I will post minor psychological tricks to improve your mindset.



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