The 5 Benefits of Showing Appreciation to Your Man

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Do you ever realize why men stop trying to put effort into a relationship? Most of the time, it starts great. But slowly it becomes less and less. It’s easy to blame and easier to move on. Shit happens once in a while. Problematic if things start repeating. What is going on? Why do men put less effort in nowadays? The answer is simple. Men need appreciation. They just need validation for their actions. The problem here is that you aren’t able to give appreciation. Either you have the opinion that you are not responsible for that or you just don’t know how. But in the long-term perspective, it benefits you both. Here are 5 benefits of showing appreciation to your man.

Why show appreciation at all?

the 5 benefits of showing appreciation to your man - why show appreciation at all

A lot of people see man’s actions as granted. Appreciating your feelings or doing little romantic things to light up your world are becoming less common. Because the standard for men is already high. This is why those small attentions to details are easily overlooked. With time it becomes less and less. You start to wonder why your relationship feels dull. The spark is lost. At this point, you are thinking about a break-up. It’s problematic when it repeats itself. It always starts wonderful but ends bitter. But why?

Most of the time men don’t feel appreciated at all. Especially in modern dating, men’s actions are seen as granted. A man should do this, a man should be like this. The list of requirements is endless. And if a type of guy is standing before your door, you can’t even keep him. Because you never learned to appreciate your partner. Demanding is easy appreciating is somehow impossible.

Erase the thought of why you are responsible for making your partner feel good or like a man. In my opinion, these people are just little brats who never learned how to give love. It’s so easy to appreciate your partner. The benefits of showing appreciation always outweigh any kind of dispute.

The 5 Benefits of showing appreciation to your man

advice - the 5 benefits of showing appreciation to your man

1. He feels validated in his actions and knows how to treat you better

Women are complicated. Men and women mostly agree with this. Especially for men who are new to dating. What actions are right? Which ones are no-gos? How and when to discuss controversial topics? The problem begins if he doesn’t get feedback. Neither good or bad actions. His insecurity grows and therefore his effort shrinks. Instead of asking what to do his ego stands in his way. “I don’t want to seek validation. It looks weak.”

Just start by saying thank you. This tiny word helps him what to do in the future. Even someone who isn’t new to relationships will benefit from it. Because every woman has different needs. So, start with thank you.

2. You fuel his purpose for a family

One of the benefits of showing appreciation is you help him survive his daily life. By showing appreciation you fuel his purpose of providing for your future family. Nothing feels better for a man when one has a purpose. Imagine your man comes home totally exhausted and you can see his dead eyes. If you calm him with: “Thank you for giving your best every day.” This will be the moment that he decides to marry you and more. More often will he give his best. More frequently he draws energy from these words.

3. You build trust more efficiently

Not only do you give him purpose you show trust within your words. “Thank you for doing your best” can be translated to “I know one day you will be successful.” It weighs so much. You show pure trust and belief. In a world where men fear rejection the most, this is the turning point in your relationship. You. Yes, You! You accept him for who he is. Just by showing appreciation for his actions, you build an impenetrable trust.

4. You create a team

Competing against each other is one of the reasons people break up. Competing about who does or sacrifices more. As a result, men track a point system. If I do something for you I gain 1 point. And any actions of yours would reduce it by 1. Ideally, it must be around 0. It will be problematic if it becomes inbalance. Men would feel used and objectified as money machines for example. But this is a relationship and not a contract, right? However, some relationships feel like a contract between two parties. Because they don’t look at themselves as a team.

Here again, show gratitude and appreciation to him when he pays all of the dates. To be honest, balancing between a gold-digger and a feminist isn’t easy. Because men do complain about both. But they have one in common. Both see the relationship as unequal. Someone always has a right to stand above their partner. That is why men feel used. The solution is easy. Show gratitude. By appreciating him he didn’t see you as a leech. Instead, of someone who admires his effort and maybe in the future returns the favor.

5. You will see the relationship differently.

The best benefit of showing appreciation is the growing love. When you start to appreciate your partner, you automatically reflect on your relationship. In this case, what is the true act of love? For example, when a guy spent on you 100€ and the other only 10€ who is giving more effort? Of course, the 100€ guy. But what if I tell you that the 10€-guy only had 10€ and the 100€-guy had 1k €?

This is just an example of how gratitude and appreciation change your relationship. It’s not about how much he gives. It’s more about how he is trying to provide. Keep that in mind.


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