The Gift of Patience

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In a fast-paced world, patience has no space. Instead the desire for achievement, and rewards pushes the growth of impatience. We want good things. We want things easy. And most of all, we want everything as fast as possible. Impatience is a driving car without brakes. We drive fast indeed. But we are doomed to crash. The gift of patience is never been seen for the impatient. But for the ones who can wait long enough. But why do we rush and why should we wait?

Why do we rush…

In my youth, I made rushed decision-making. For example, I rushed to get into college. Instead of researching other options that might suit me better. But I didn’t. I was excited about the reputation I would receive when I finished. I made debt and wasted time. Running around headless without a sense of direction where to go. Because I rushed. What could have been if I had taken a step back? Looking at the bigger picture of who I really am? Would having taken things slowly really benefit my life?

In addition, I also chose my partner poorly. Instead of being patient, I commit to the first ones who showed the slightest interest. I ignored the many red flags in the dating phase. It made me miserable at the end. I brought someone into the world without being ready for him. I gave him away. As a man and a father, I felt devastated. Since then I have never seen myself as a true man. Someone who avoids their responsibilities is unacceptable.

We rush for a lot of reasons. We rush for the best partner, the best job with the best salary. We rush to have the best social life. Not soon but immediately. We rush because we are unable to wait, to grind, or to endure the hard part. Instead, we jump head over into the unknown.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

…and why should we wait for the gift of patience?

the gift of patience

Waiting is the hardest part. Especially, if all of your instincts tell you to go for it. Because you are afraid to miss out. Therefore, you take a risk in the hope it turns out to be a great investment. However, the gift of patience is preventing us from harm. It protects us

  • …from acting on insufficient information
  • …from picking the wrong option
  • …from going too soon
  • …from forcing it
  • …from rushing people or giving up on them
  • …from the wrong conclusion
  • …from missing out on all the wonderful rewards that come to those who wait

I think the noblest trait someone can learn is patience. Trusting in the process and letting loose of the pressure helps grow patience.


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