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Intending to start something new and challenging is always easy at first. You are motivated to finally finish it. But somehow like many occasions, those projects will forgotten. It’s hard to keep up your consistency. I saw this numerous times. While researching for the cause, I realize, they don’t get their priorities right. Instead of doing the hard things first, they procrastinate. Because they don’t have time or they need to warm them up. I know. It’s hard to do the hard things first. But here is a reminder of why you should finish them.

Why we don’t do the hard things first

In general, everyone knows that doing the hard things first profits your life. Waking up early to finish your most important tasks. It can be business or your fitness goals. Whatever the projects, it helps a lot to accomplish those.

However, there are times when it is hard to start. Sometimes we don’t feel like it. Sometimes we think we need to warm up. Or other times things get in our way. Even worse, we assume we can do it later. But procrastinating is being entitled. Entitled to believe that there is a later time. It assumes that we have the discipline to get to it later. Many dreams lie beneath the earth because we thought there was a later time.

Even though, it’s hard. Here are some small reminders to motivate you to do the hard things first.

The daily task seems easier

Imagine you are awake at 5 am, start your day immediately. Going to the gym, writing the next paragraph, or writing a pitch. How do you feel when you finish them? You feel a big relief. A satisfaction that you did something productive. Not only productive but also something that gets your life in the right direction. Now, your day starts like everyone else. Getting ready for the day. However, you have an advantage. After doing the hard things first, anything else feels easier. Doing your work feels dumb compared to your hard tasks. A momentum you wish to keep for the whole day. Or even better for your whole life.

Rewards feel truly deserved

When the hard things are done, rewards taste much sweeter. And the most important part is that you don’t feel guilty. For example, Sunday is my me time. Instead of resting from the week, I rather start my day with my work. I could just play video games or watch series. But I know I would feel terrible at the end of the day. Like I wasted a whole day. It might lead to burnout however I know myself too well. I rather overwork for a small breeze of accomplishment than otherwise. Because this keeps me running.

You level up your passion

Another reason to do the hard things first is you test your passion. Is it your passion? Or is it something you just want to wish for? Because doing the nasty parts will challenge your passion. Here it separates the people who are committed and those who aren’t serious about it. But those who do, those who managed it, prove themselves. Because they not only like the easy part but also can finish the hard part.

People who talk about their goals didn’t even get to the hard things yet. And believe me, you don’t want to be one of those.


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