90 Ways to score points with women

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You can not deny it, women and men are different. Consequently, in terms of giving points is also different. Men think, if they buy a small gift they get one point if they buy a big one they get thirty points. But, when women keep score, no matter how big or small a gift of love is, each gift has equal points. There are many ways to score points with women.

Men may know that small things are significant but they do not pay more attention to them later on. Therefore, in the beginning, they show their affection in many little things. Because, why should I give a big present to a girl I barely know? – This is a common thought of men at the beginning of every relationship. I like her, but I do not love her (yet), so let give her small things, like cute messages or smalls gifts. Later on, if I truly love her, I give her big gifts only. And this is a huge mistake. Because women love the many small attention gifts they receive. Well not exactly either.
Women love gifts, actions, or attention which proves to them that you think about them every time. 

90 Ways to score points with women

  1. Upon returning home find her first before doing anything else and give her a warm hug.
  2. Ask her specific questions about her day that indicate an awareness of what she was planning to do.
  3. Practice listening and asking questions.
  4. Resist the temptation to solve her problems- empathize instead.
  5. Give her twenty minutes of unsolicited, quality attention. Focus!
  6. Bring her flowers as a surprise or as well on special occasions.
  7. Plan a date several weeks in advance rather than waiting for Friday night and ask what she wants to do.
  8. If she is usually making dinner, offer to make dinner.
  9. Compliment on how she looks. ”Did you cut your hair? It looks good today.” No girl can resist a smile here 😉
  10. Validate her feelings when she is upset. She is precious to you, your partner, she is always right.
  11. Offer to help her when she is tired.
  12. Schedule more time on vacation, so she does not have to rush.
  13. When you are late, call her and let her know.
  14. When she asks for support, say yes or no without making her wrong for asking.
  15. Whenever her feelings are hurt, show empathy and tell her ” I am sorry you feel hurt.” Shut up; let her feel your understanding of it. Do not offer a solution or explain  why is it not your fault
  16. Whenever you need to pull away, let her know you will be back or that you need some time to think about things
  17. When you cooled off, talk with her about what is bothering you in a respectful, non-blaming way, so she does not imagine the worst
  18. Offer to build a fire in wintertime.
  19. When she talks to you, put down everything you do, and pay her your full attention.
  20. If she cleans something in the household when she usually does it, offer to do it.
  21. Notice when she is upset or tired and asks what she has to do. Then offer to help by doing some of her to-do-list
  22. When going out, ask if there is anything she wants you to pick up. And pick it up. When you are in a supermarket if she wants something, show your affection to her and it helps a lot by just asking.
  23. Let her know when you are planning to leave or take a nap.
  24. Give her 4 hugs a day.
  25. Call her from work something exciting or say ”I love you”
  26. Tell her “I love you” a couple of times via messages, calls, small written notes, or otherwise.
  27. Make the bed and clean up the bedroom.
  28. When you are out of town, call to leave a telephone number where you can be reached and tell her when you arrive safely.
  29. Do household.
  30. Wash her or your car before any dates.
  31. Wash before sex and put on cologne if she likes it.
  32. Always. Always take her side when she is upset with someone.
  33. Offer her to give her a neck,  back, or foot massage. (or all three)
  34. Make a point of cuddling or being affectionate sometimes without being sexual.
  35. Be patient when she is sharing. Do not watch it on your watch.
  36. Do not flick to another channel when she is watching TV with you.
  37. Display affection in public, and not the gross version. Show everyone that this woman is yours, hold her hands, and keep her close to your side.
  38. When holding hands do not let your hand go limp.
  39. Learn her favorite drinks, so you can offer her a choice of the ones she already likes.
  40. Suggest different restaurants, do not put a burden on her where to go.
  41. Get season tickets for the theater, symphony, opera, or some other performance she likes.
  42. Create occasions where you can dress up!
  43. Be understanding when she is late or changes her outfit. She will be pretty for you do not forget that.
  44. Pay more attention to her than others in public. If someone else is more important meet them alone.
  45. Make her more important than your children. Let them see her get your attention first.
  46. Buy her chocolate or perfume or other small gifts.
  47. Learn her size and style and buy her an outfit.
  48. Take pictures with her on special occasions.
  49. Take short romantic getaways.
  50. Let her see that you carry a picture of her in your wallet and update it from time to time.
  51. When staying in a hotel, have them prepare the room with something special.
  52. Write a note or make a sign on special occasions.
  53. Drive the car on long trips.
  54. Drive slowly and safely, respecting her preferences.
  55. Notice how she is feeling and comment on it. ”You look happy today” or ”You look tired. What’s the matter?”
  56. When taking her out, research in advance the directions you heading to. So she does not have to navigate.
  57. Take her dancing or to a dancing lesson together.
  58. Surprise her with a love note or a poem.
  59. Treat her in the ways you did at the beginning of the relationship.
  60. Offer to fix something around the house.
  61. Change lightbulbs.
  62. Readout loud what may she is interested in.
  63. Open the door for her.
  64. Carry the groceries or offer at least.
  65. Also for heavy boxes.
  66. On trips, handle the luggage and be responsible for packing the car.
  67. If she is doing something in the household, do another task that has to be done.
  68. Make a ”to fix’ list and tell her she can write some of it down, so you can fix it.
  69. Compliment her cooking.
  70. Make eye contact when you guys are talking.
  71. Touch her unsexually when you guys are talking.
  72. Show interest in her day, the people she deals with every day, or other activities.
  73. Make little noises when she is talking like: ah-ha, uh-huh, oh, hmmm, what really?
  74. Ask her how she is feeling.
  75. If she is sick ask her constantly how she is feeling.
  76. If she is tired make some tea. Or her favorite cocktail. I’m not a doctor lol.
  77. Get ready for bed together and get in bed at the same time.
  78. Give her a kiss when you leave.
  79. Laugh at her jokes and humor.
  80. Verbal says thank you.
  81. Create a special time to be alone together.
  82. Don’t pick up your phone when you are intimate or she is sharing her feeling.
  83. Go bicycling.
  84. Prepare and go to a picnic.
  85. Take her for a walk alone.
  86. Let her know if you miss her.
  87. Bring home her favorite snack.
  88. Show her you are on her side. Every time and everywhere. Even when you guys are arguing. Do not see, I versus you.  Better We versus this problem
  89. Even if she asks you: What do you want from me to improve? Say: You are perfect as you are.
  90. Show her she is the most important person in your life. Treat her special, and the other women not.

What a long list! Well, guys, sure there are more things you can add to the list. Overall, remember that women need proof that you think about them. I hope I could remember how you can score points with women.

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