Accept imperfection – Part IV: Imperfect

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My mother is a smart woman when it comes to multiplying time. When I read the 5 Permission from Rory Vaden’s book, I recognize what a sneaky, smart woman my mother was. Accept imperfection is the next permission we will encounter today.

So it began way back in my childhood. As the first one in our family, I learned the German language first and spoke without any accent. As a result, I was doomed or blessed to deal with all institutions of the German government.
Imagine how funny it is to receive a letter from a 10-year old boy dealing with insurance issues haha. Everything I did was far from perfect. But it was not my mother’s goal that I dealing with the family’s issue perfectly, rather it is to create time for my mother. In the end, well, she used me? Or she prepared me for the world? I don’t know actually.

What happened? Well, I become the CEO of the family. I do everything. I help my little brother to study correctly,  looking solely for an apartment with the other brother and doing the paperwork from my divorced parents. With both having their own restaurant, you can imagine how much I had to do.
Therefore, my mother’s goal, unconsciously or not, was to raise a little manager. She spent her time (invest) to teach me all she learned about the German bureaucracy and eliminate trivially tasks to raise me for the well-being of all, so everything can be delegated by me. Well, more or less.

And this is the next crucial skill everyone should at least heard of. Today’s topic is to ” Multiply your time by accepting imperfection”.

The Fear of accepting Imperfection

Why do we hesitate to delegate others or to let them light up your stressful life? Like all the other emotional challenges to multiply your time, it is fear. Specific to this topic, the fear of letting go. In other words, delegating to others is similar to let others help you. And I confront this issue many times.

For instance, a friend of mine is a representative of –  If you cannot do it on your own. You are worthless! – ideology. In other words, everything she does should be build up from 0, based on her own strength, willpower, and knowledge. And I think it is remarkable how stupid she is. Of course, it is noble to reaching her goal. But without help? Come on! Did you ever see a world champion without a coach? Any successful business without a role model? Surely, not!

If she is still clinching on this ideology today, she is stuck for a damn long time, without any process, and time is our only limited resource out there. I felt quite depressive as soon as I heard that because I depended a lot on my family back then. But, my mother told me something relating to this friend’s ideology which I never forget because I almost fell for this kind of thought.

When everybody tries to build up an empire on their own, science would not exist, architecture would still be caves and we would make the same mistakes and start over and over again

My mom.

Reasons for the Fear

In short, what I want to say in this paragraph, delegating or let others help you is still an obstacle for many people. Like my friend, her huge ego stood in her way of improvement or progress. And this is a common problem among us all. With a false ego, produced from overestimation, wrong approval, and the blame to others, we cannot improve or in this case, let others help us.

On the other hand, we do not trust people in general. Think back to your school time. Were you the one who did all the work for the school project? Then I can understand why you do not trust others to do your work. Because you cannot trust them. Can they meet the deadline? Are their work of high quality? Can they meet your standard of quality? Can it be good as you would do it? You cannot accept imperfection from others. That is the reason you fear.

“This would just be faster if I did it myself” So you decide to do it on your own. Sounds similar, right?

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Accept Imperfection

accept imperfection
Accept imperfection

But, you have to learn to be okay with things just being okay. You have to understand that someone may not be good at something like you do, but it will be better over time. It is also okay to push the progress, but you have to free yourself and others around you of the idea of perfection. Gift yourself with the permission of imperfect.

Also, it is a service to allow others the natural process of making their own mistake.
In fact, there are people, it does not matter how much you give them advice (me included), they still do the mistake. Why? Because, we want to find out, make our own experience, or are still believing in the good of humanity. And you should let them do it. Be there if they fall on their face.

Also, it is annoying to hear a micromanager 24/7. Just let them do it. If they make a mistake, correct them. And not before they even do it. This way you see the true potential of one person. And one day this dude will evolve into a good leader like yourself. There is no written down that you have to carry the world solely on your shoulder. In case, it is the opposite, let some team members join you in carrying the world. If they do a mistake, they apologize and make up for it. The idea of the permission of imperfect is to let go of control, so this way you can see people improve themselves, and create more leaders.

Accept Imperfection – who can help you

if you accept imperfection - let others help you
If you accept imperfection – let others help you

Once you accept imperfection, besides your friends and family these people can help you:


  • Office Assistant: saves you time in the office in mailing, copying, printing, and so on
  • Business Coach: Everyone needs a coach. They filter all important mistakes from others so you can learn from them
  • Accountant: If you follow these principles to multiply your time, you automatically multiply your wealth.
  • Bookkeeper: Different from the accountant, they can handle a stack of receipts, create your expense reports, and do your taxes. And this saves a lot of time.
  • Financial planner: Another must-have. Even when you start your journey. It is still good to have an advisor.
  • Lawyer: Good to have one.
  • Insurance Agent: A guy who knows about the jungle of insurance, good to have one.
  • Real Estate Agent: 
  • Graphic Designer: Depending on how much you need logos etc.
  • Travel Coordinator: Depending on how much you travel.

Like most of the people on this list, it is good to know them if you need them. And you only pay on demand.

Personal Life

Here are some people you might consider Delegating:

  • House Cleaner: The moment you can afford them, it is a no-brainer. It improves the marriage and your life.
  • Nanny: Do not outsource raising your kids. Just trivial things. And it helped you having an off time for your kids
  • Gardener: If you have a garden.
  • Grocery Shopper: Order your grocery online, so you do not have to take care of them.
  • Mechanic: Clear.
  • Personal Assistant: Dry Cleaning. Post office. Gift wrapping. Grocery Store. Create a job for someone around you! That is what Multipliers do.
  • Handyman: Clear I think.
  • Driver: If you spend a lot of time in the car for numerous reasons.

Summary – Accept imperfection

summary - accept imperfection

In the end, the permission to be imperfect – delegate sounds like only rich people can afford them. But it is not the case. Kids, for example, are one of the biggest expenses you can have. To work against these high payrolls, let them help you the household. You pay a lot for them, so it is fair that they help you out.

Another good reason for this is to prepare your child for the world. Isolate kids from the world is a bad education style. Let them order their food in a restaurant, let them throw letters in the letterbox, or let them pay for your groceries (with your money of course). They will struggle at first and make many mistakes, but allow it, allow them to be imperfect. Furthermore, invest money and time with them and as a result, they will improve over time.

This is identical to your assistants or your employees. Invest time and money, and harvest an excellent leader later on. In conclusion, accept imperfection is the next step to multiply your time. Accept that people will not execute tasks perfectly, be on time, or otherwise. Manage their flaws when those things happened, and I promise you it will pay off your time and effort.

I hope you liked today’s post. In our next post, I will talk about the next permission. The permission of incomplete. Stay tuned folks.



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