The Top 5 Relationship Mistakes Women Make with Men

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The relationships end in many different ways. Some are really quick, some too fast. Others had a bad start and are doomed already. And again others start great but end up sour. You wonder what happened when you finally believed in true love. Especially those relationships that will fill you with a feeling of regret. What happened? You will wonder yourself at 2 a.m. Did he hide his true self? Or did I ruin this one? To prevent repeating the same mistakes, I thought about common mistakes women can make. Here are the top 5 relationship mistakes women make with men.

Neither respecting him or yourself

 Top 5 Relationship Mistakes Women Make with Men - not respecting him

Men are simple. Men want to be rewarded as a hero. Whatever he does, he wants to be appreciated and accepted for what he does and who he is. Based on this, men just want to be respected. In other words, if you harm his reputation as a man or hero, it will hurt your relationships. Mistakes women make with men. For example, if you complain in public about how horrible he treats you, chances are high that he will end this soon. Also, when you take his effort for granted will affect your relationships. I saw many women who take men’s efforts for granted. It’s okay to expect a lot. And real men are happy to provide for you and the future. But if you don’t return the favor, he will look for another who can.

Some might think that it isn’t the task of a woman to make a man feel like a man. If you think like this, you aren’t ready for a relationship. Because a relationship is built on each other’s love, trust, and support. If you sit on the side of receiving and are never on the side of giving, then I have to tell you. You were never in a relationship. You were just sugar babe. It makes no sense to have a relationship without any input from yourself.

It is important that you respect him and how you respect yourself. How you show yourself in public says a lot about your partner. For example,

Expecting him to be like your best friends

 Top 5 Relationship Mistakes Women Make with Men - expectim him to be his best friends

Don’t expect your partner to be your best friend even though it sounds great to marry your best friend. There is a downside to it. First of all, women and men are different. They differ physically and emotionally. Also, they generally have other interests and goals. While most men are interested in things, women are more interested socially. Of course, there are exceptions. But how big is the chance that you or your partner are different?

Just let me tell you even I who loved to listen to relationships problems have a limit. While most women can listen hourly to it. As a man, that’s quite a challenge. And the status of a relationship doesn’t matter. Your male friend, brother, father, and especially your partner have trouble listening to you. It doesn’t mean that we don’t love you. It’s just physically exhausting. The problem begins when you take this personally and are surprised that he doesn’t listen. It’s just hard.

We do things for you out of love. So, please appreciate it when we go out with you after work. Please appreciate us when we talk to you late at night when we have to wake up in 3 hours for work. Be aware. We are not your best friends we are your partner.

Preventing him from his cave

 Top 5 Relationship Mistakes Women Make with Men - preventing him from the cave

Love is great. I’m also experiencing the best love since I was born. No one ever loved me like she does. Yes, even more than my mother. I would give her the world if I could. Doing anything. Anything so she and our future kids can live a carefree life. Talking to her. Spend time with her. Because… Because I never know how much time we have left. However, even I need time for myself. It’s not about that we love you less. It’s just that men need time for themselves to turn off.

We escape into a cave. In there, we can either look for a solution or isolate ourselves from everything. The cave can be video games, watching TV, building Legos, or whatever. Crucially here, we need a time when we can do nothing responsibly. A space where we don’t have to care about money, kids, and the world in itself. The problem begins when you prevent him from his cave. This is a huge mistake women make with men.

Preventing him from his cave is preventing him from relating stress. And I bet you don’t want that stress in your relationship. I wrote more about this topic in my blog posts. These are common mistakes women make with men.

Loving for who he can be rather than who he is

 Top 5 Relationship Mistakes Women Make with Men - not loving him but his potential

One of the biggest mistakes is that women fall in love with the potential of a man and not who he is. I’m not sure how this occurs. Is it because some women love the idea that a guy changes for her? Or are some just naive in believing his promises? Whatever the reasons, getting into a relationship for this hurts both sides. First, the woman grows resentful towards her partner for not fulfilling his promise for change. Not only, does it mentally exhaust her she also grows an attitude against him. It starts with small nitpicks and ends up in a breakup. Women who spread that men are just talking rather than acting are victims of this. In the end, she gains nothing. She just wasted time and maybe opportunity with another partner. One of the mistakes women make with men is to trust his words.

I don’t blame women entirely. Men are at fault for this mess, too. Let me explain why men are doing this. Men are usually competing for the best resources. It doesn’t matter if it’s nature or society. But generally, at a young age, they fight for everything they want. It crystallizes when it comes to dating. Most of the time, young men don’t even know what a good wife looks like. The first thing they do is go for looks. Who is the prettiest? Showing most skin? Or who is the most bubbly person here? To impress those women they change themselves in a better light. And yes they lie, too. Or they see themselves differently for a better chance. So, don’t date someone on the first impression.

There are two solutions

In summary, loving the potential of your partner rather than for who he is, is wasted time. Only with luck, your partner might change for you. But it’s rare and shouldn’t be seen as a standard. When I see women complain that their ex-changes after a breakup and complain why he doesn’t change during the relationship. It just means that men don’t change well under the pressure of their partner. The second best solution is not to pressure him. The first is not to get into these kinds of relationships at all.

Want to be treated like a princess

 Top 5 Relationship Mistakes Women Make with Men - want to be treated like a princess

A lot of relationships never make it to marriage. One reason is that a relationship is unequal. In other words, one partner is responsible for everything while the other only receives. One of the mistakes women make with men in a relationship. Especially for a long-term relationship, building equality is key to success. For example, if he’s made dinner, you make breakfast. If he pays for the movie tickets, you pay for a snack. If he pays for the flight you pay for the hotel.

However, equality doesn’t mean that you have to share 50/50. It’s a relationship, not a contract. What most men want is the right intention of their partner. If he earns more, relatively he should spend more than her. Instead of 50/50, you share 80/20, for example. It’s not about how much you share, it’s about willing to share at all. I can’t repeat enough how men fall in love if a woman offers to pay.

It’s not about the financial situation. Men see early what kind of woman you are. If you provide love on how much he spends on you, he knows that you won’t be in a long-term relationship. More like a short treat. If he gets bored because he receives nothing he will replace you. The question that men think about in a relationship is can she provide something? Men are trained at a young age and only the best win. Let’s not talk about men who think they can ask for a woman’s support when they can’t provide for themselves. I’m talking about the guys who have everything set but without a family.

These guys recognize early if he met a wife or a one-night stand. Summarized, if you demand a lot you have to provide a lot, too. Quite simple.


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