30 Ways women can score big with men

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The greater the love for someone the more frequently does a woman gives and shows love. She will give her love every time, everywhere, and without condition. This is how a typical woman appreciates her partner. In 90 Ways to score a point with a woman, we should understand it by now. Men are different. If women want to score big points with men as they assume from other females, this strategy would not help.

Deep down in their true nature, every man will be the hero, the knight in shining armor. Therefore, men show their love only in emergency cases. For example, if you cannot finish your work for an important meeting and the deadline is coming, he will jump in and helps you. Here is what he thinks when he helps you successfully: “I scored so many points by helping her. It is now her turn, and I hope it is a big favor.”, “I am the hero!”, “I rescued her during an emergency, this must be unconditional love.” …

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90 Ways to score points with women

Reading Time: 6 minutes

You can not deny it, women and men are different. Consequently, in terms of giving points is also different. Men think, if they buy a small gift they get one point if they buy a big one they get thirty points. But, when women keep score, no matter how big or small a gift of love is, each gift has equal points. There are many ways to score points with women. …

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