Why can’t I get started?

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Failure. Failure is the main reason that kept you from getting started. This counts for activities from new hobbies to large business ideas. But why do other people have more courage than you? Do they have no fear? Of course, they have fear. But other than you they have one way to trick the mind.  Today, I will reveal the trick to your question: Why can’t I get started?

The Infinite Loop of Planning

Let us take an example. You want to write a book for the first time. So, you make up your mind and plan. First, you make a list of the things you need to start. Hmm, I need a notebook. A good one, something that will endure your long writing session. Second, you need a place to write. At home? No, there are too many distractions. A local cafe? No, too noisy. Ah, I go to the library. Third, you analyze your writing skills. Am  I good enough to write a book? Maybe I should take some classes again to improve myself. And fourth,…well you do not remember the fourth point, but you are still afraid that you miss out on something. Does this sound familiar?

You might have 1000 points on the checklist. Even after finishing the list, you are still not ready. Because you expect starting perfectly to avoid mistakes. Because you unconsciously know that there will be always a mistake. As an answer, you plan your set-up again. You are in the infinite loop of planning, not doing.

Why can’t I get started? – The Perfect Start

why can't I get started - the perfect start

Many people believe that starting perfectly is the main reason to succeed. Why do we put so much effort into the setup? Because many people believed that once starting perfectly everything runs smooth. A movie-like relationship starts with the perfect partner. Wealth starts with the perfect job. Driving fast and stable begins with the perfect start.

But that is wrong. Like driving, you have to correct your car with the steering wheel. So, why don’t you do that with your life?
The most common misunderstanding is that a good life is a stable state or condition. Therefore, we want a perfect start to avoid mistakes. The good life is only achieved through constant readjustment.

Benefits of Getting started

Find possibilities you could never imagine
The beauty of a journey is discovering unimaginable forms of culture. Alike traveling, starting your project or plan always brings up improvements you never could imagine of. Finding a better strategy or execution can mostly achieve while you start.

Make many mistakes to learn from
While you can find improvements you will also, I guarantee it, make tons of mistakes. BUT this is excellent. Only by learning from mistakes, you can grow. Start right now.

Living the dream
Wake up! Who? Yeah, you! Instead of overthinking about what can be, what should be, what had could be, live your life already. It is yours from the beginning until the end, and no one can change that. Stop overthink and start right now.

Know your personality
Another advantage is you will discover who you really are. By pushing yourself to the limits you will find all the positives and the negatives about you. Start right now.

Want to know more about getting started and more? Get the book: The Art of the Good Life by Rolf Dobelli

The Art of Correction will help you get started

Overcome your vulnerability
Admitting you are wrong is one of the worst feelings you can have. But stay over it. Take everything as a lesson and not as a failure. Accept this and you will automatically adjust your plan without feeling bad.

There is no perfect plan
Plans are products of a person’s mind. If a person is imperfect how can a plan be perfect? Accept that plans are imperfect.

Design your plan to a basic requirement
Planning something is perfectly fine if you keep it on minimum requirements. Think of a must-have list, and everything else you think of comes with the progress.

Summary – Why can’t I get started

summary - why can't I get started

In short, the fine art of correction is a skill to master, if you still believe your perfect life starts from a good starting point or plan you establish yourself, you are wrong. This is not about a good starting point. Everything in life, if it is career, goals, family, or love, it is about how you can readjust your path while you deal with unseen obstacles and challenges.
Build a minimum requirement plan, get started what you want, and use the fine art of correction to readjust your tasks on the way.

I hope I could teach you about the fine Art of Correction and prove that a perfect starting point is impossible.



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4 years ago

I do agree with you that there are more important things need to be done than just focusing on a perfect starting point. However, in my opinion, women who reject all the “imperfect man” that is not because they are picky. It’s just an excuse for the fact that they haven’t found the right one yet.
Anyway, Thanks for the useful post!

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