What makes a man adore a woman? – 5 proven ways

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Men are much simpler when it comes to finding Mrs. Right. As mentioned in my previous post you must define your values and stay true to them. If you know how to get a guy and if he is Mr. Right, you need to know how to keep him. What makes a man adore a woman? Here are 5 proven ways to do so.

What makes a man adore a woman? – 5 proven ways

advice - What makes a man adore a woman

In this post, I reveal the secret of the male psyche. And any guy can try to convince me on this, but there is no denying how simple and primitive our psyche is. In my previous post, I explained how a woman should look for. It is a lot of work to analyze each other’s values, compare them, and measure everything for the relationship’s survival. Of course, a man can look for his ideal partner by analyzing the values, too. But this is not primarily an influence on his search.

Basically, a male’s ego, self-esteem, and confidence with a woman are scaled on his importance in his partner’s life. Primarily, does he feel needed or special?

1. Sexual validation

If a man feels sexually unworthy, he feels unworthy as a man. Most of his self-esteem is linked to how much he can turn you on. Furthermore, he needs to feel that he is everything you need in this area. Even though he admits that they are sexier men out there with a six-pack or more striking eyes, he needs to know that he is the only satisfaction you need. And this becomes more important in a relationship, it does not matter if you are on the 10th date or the 10th year of a relationship, he will always demand these crucial needs.

How can you show him sexual validation? This is really easy. Use these 3 sentences:

  • ‘I can’t resist when you…’
  • ‘It really turns me on when you…’
  • ‘God, you are so sexy when you…’

You can use this as sexual validation. But, there is an even better usage of these phrases. You can improve or change the man’s attitude. For example, ‘I can’t resist when you have this Shirt on.’ or ‘It really turns me on when you surprise me.’, and I promise he will wear this shirt more often and surprise you more often than you like. This is a powerful tool and please use this with care and do not use it for evil. If you tell him what turns you on, he will do this often as possible.

What makes a man adore a woman?: #1 Validate him sexually and he will stay with you longer.

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2. The Protector and The Provider

Back in time in the 1960s, to be a man means to earn money. So he can smash the cheque on the table, opens a bottle of beer, and watch TV. This was the definition of a man or provider. Now the society and also the role model of women and men change. Women are more independent and are not depending on the men’s paycheck anymore. But even today, the feeling of protection and providing does not disappear so easily. In fact, to protect and to provide is one of a male’s true nature. Showing him that you need him will make him fall for you even faster. A man will always seek his role in your life. Of course, a guy should be growing to be worthy to be in your life. But, this is just a perspective I describe so women can understand a man’s mind.

I might know what some girls think.
‘Guys, don’t need a strong and independent woman.’ -> Being an independent, strong woman and needing a man is not a contrast. You can still be a strong woman and needing a man. No one can be strong 24/7. Everyone needs support. And isn’t it the reason for being in a relationship? Sharing your vulnerable side with your partner? And this is what I am talking about, emotional support. In addition, I think no man will ever want a woman to be 100% dependent on him.

‘I don’t need a man in my life. I can do it all by myself.’ -> If a guy hears this, he will never think to start a relationship with you, because he will question his purpose in your life. He will be gone and looking for someone else who he can support or feeling important.

What makes a man adore a woman?: #2 Men want to be needed. Not in terms of money, power, or success but as your emotional support or your hero about the little things.

3. Recognizing his uniqueness

One of my friends is doing a mistake right now. He was meeting someone and had his first date. But, he is already giving everything he has. Friends of mine do not understand my concern. It is not about his overly rushed commitment, it is about giving her a false illusion of him. Let me explain. He planned a lot. Things that long relationship couples do. First, it looks desperate, and second, he shows her what he can only provide materialistically. Not a good starting point for a relationship.

To spare him years of pain, I asked:

‘Will she stay if all your money, power, and status a stripped away from you?’

Every man should seek a woman who sees him differently from every other man in the world. They want to have something that you admire, but no other man can give you. I think it is natural that women and men alike are admired for power, status, and achievement. Soley choosing someone because of his results is foolish. He needs to feel special even when he loses everything that she will always choose him over every other guy.

What makes a man adore a woman?: #3 Be clear about what is special about him. Being loved for your height, body, money or success is normal. Every woman would prefer that. But would you like him even without that? If yes, he would be a fool to let you go. If not, you love a luxurious life not him. Also, do not start a relationship on the illusion of what he can be.

4. A Loyal Teammate

Loyalty is about supporting each other, unselfishly. It is about willing each other to succeed and live in the enjoyment of fulfilling dreams, even when those dreams are personal. The mindset behind loyalty is simple: if it affects one of us, it affects both of us. Being loyal means simply backing him up even when you do not agree. If his friends make jokes at his expense, do not join. When he bought an ugly jacket and you could not stop him, tell him in front of his friends that you like it, and tell him the truth later. Don’t put him down in public, back him up, and show confidence in his abilities is a must-do.

What makes a man adore a woman?: #4 Wait, I explain the basis of a relationship. It should be clear. Defend each other. Paragraph end.

5. To be nurtured and supported

Simply, believe in him. Believe in his dreams and everything he is excited about. It is not about changing him to his potential, because you are already as happy with him as he is. You just are excited as he does and you are happy when he accomplishes his goals. But, do not pressure him. Nothing makes a man stronger when a strong woman believes in him. By encouraging him like he is the only one who can do it, he can moves mountains. It makes him feel down if a) you do not back him up or b) you pay no attention to his projects.

What makes a man adore a woman?: #5 Be supportive in every situation.

Summary – What makes a man adore a woman?

summary - What makes a man adore a woman


I am aware that this post may be offensive to some. Telling you how to treat your guy and showing vulnerability sounds like I am against female empowerment. But remember this, all of us, even the strongest-willed individual, the most positive individual have vulnerable times. And by trusting and share these feelings with our partner is the beauty and the true meaning of a relationship. Furthermore, by doing so, a stronger bond will be created.

In short, every man is looking for a woman who needs him but is not dependent on him; who is sexual but can offer more than her sexuality; who is kind and generous but not validation-seeking; someone who is loyal and support his growth but does not tell how to live; who fights for her man but is not a jealous person; someone who is independent but also makes him feel like the most important person in life; who kicks ass around the world but let herself be vulnerable and gentle with him. This is the basic concept of what makes a man adore a woman.

It sounds like a lot and it is more complicated than this. This is just your part you should follow to be unforgettable for him. Consequently,  it only works when both of you are willing to work for it.

I hope this post helps you guys



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