How to change your perspective in life

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The longer we go on our way the more we become bias in our thinking. As a result, we become stubborn about our opinions and views. In other words, if we believe in one thing no argument can change this. On one hand, it is admirable that we defend our beliefs and what we stand for. On the other hand, we lose the ability to think flexibly and out of the box. So, on many occasions sticking to our views can be both bad and good. However, it is aspiring to change our perspective in life. Therefore, we can find better solutions or resolve conflicts easier. Read now: How to change your perspective in life.

Our view is usually not shared with most

How to change your perspective in life to enhance yourself

In the last two months, I realized that I live by a strong, and maybe controversial opinion. In my eyes, success defines the value of a man. This statement was proved numerous times by my own experience and the stories of other people. This should be no surprise because in previous blog posts I mentioned it a lot. (blog post link:) My only purpose in life is to reach the highest spot I can be able to. Therefore, I work every day to achieve it. For example, in December 2020, I coded every day to finish Elodirect. Yes, even during the holiday season. If I had time, I concentrate on social media to boost my traffic and increase my range. There are days that I feel completely exhausted. However, it makes me happy when I go to bed knowing that I finished a productive day.

Because of my “extreme” lifestyle, I unwillingly inspire others to do the same. Some old friends reach out to me and wanted help. Some I help by finding their passion. For some others, I help by giving them advice, both in relationships and business. Because of all these, hustling until exhaustion and helping like-minded people, I feel pissed by people who are not like me at all.

For example, yesterday I met some friends and grabbed some bubble tea. We talked a lot. Well, they talked a lot. I, as a person who loves to listen to exciting topics, shut my mouth. Not because I was sick or crazy. Moreover, I was annoyed by their topic of choice. Girls. They talked for around 2 hours about girls and how to get them. I lost 2 hours of my life listening to this bullshit.

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How to change your perspective in life

advice - How to change your perspective in life

However, it was unfair to judge these young boys right away. So, I gave them another chance by changing my point of view. When I was 20 years old, all I had in mind were also girls. After realizing this, I felt a bit calmer and showed them more understanding. If I didn’t change my perspective in life, I would cut ties with them. But I am glad I did not.

From time to time, changing your point of view brings benefits to your life. Not only does it improve your empathy, but it also increases your knowledge of people. A win-win situation I guess. Here is a way to help you.


How it works

An idea, string of thought, or strategy is discussed by 6 versions of you. During your discussion in your head, all the members adopt one of the six points of view – reflected in the color of the hat. All members of the group must wear the same color hat at the same time.

If you have a good idea but fear that it may meet with strong resistance, try to lead the discussion in a way that the other members of the group think that they came up with that idea. The more that people feel they came up with the idea the more passionately they fight for its implementation. If nobody claims to have come up with the idea, maybe it was not a good idea in the first place.

Beware! The meeting must be moderated to ensure that the team members do not slip out of their designated roles.


White Hat

Analytical. Objective thinking. The emphasis is on facts and feasibility.

Red Hat

Emotional thinking. Subjective feelings. Perceptions and opinions of your core values.

Black Hat

Skeptic. Critic. Critical thinking. Risk assessment. Identifying potential problems.

Yellow Hat

Optimistic thinking and speculate best-case scenario.

Green Hat

Creative. Constructive. New Ideas and Brain-Stormer. Associative thinking.

Blue Hat

Structured thinking. Process overview. Has the big picture in mind.






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