Why you worry without a reason

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In my older post Why we should start right away, I mentioned the advantages of starting immediately with projects, life problems, and general problems overall. Many people are stuck in the phase of creating a master plan. Why? Making a plan gives us a feeling of security. Furthermore, dealing with abstract questions is easier than dealing with real problems. We worry a lot and almost every time. There is not one time in a day where we forget our soon-to-happens problems. If we let our worries act on their own, it will, obviously, eat us up. Our mind is not free, troubled and we are forbidden to live our lives freely. So, let me prove why you worry without a reason.

Worries kept us alive

Evolution set us up with worries. We are worrying when we wake up until we go to sleep. This is all a question of our “danger detector”. It is better to run from a moving shadow once too often than the other way around. Worrying kept us alive until today. And is proved to be an excellent survival strategy for over a million years.

But here is the twist: our level of anxiety and worries are not proportional to our living standards. We are not in the jungle nor do we have a natural enemy. Today, ninety percent of our worries are unnecessary. Either because our problems are not really life-threatening. Or because you cannot do anything about them anyway. Lying in bed panicking about global warming, your future, or life after death, just keep you awake. You worry without a reason.

3 Useful tips against your worry

Why you worry without a reason - advice


  1. Get a notebook and call it My Big Book of Worries. Every day set a specific time to write all your anxieties or worries in this book. It does not matter how idiotic or justified they are. Just write it down. Once you have done it, the rest of your day is relatively worry-free. Why? Because your brain knows you are aware of the potential problems and are not ignoring them. It has the same effect when you do something on your to-do list. Do this every day turning to a fresh page each time. At the weekend, go through your worries and imagine the worst consequence for each anxiety. You will realize that most of them are overblown.
    The rest is a real danger and should be confronted head-on.
  2. Get Insurance. Insurance is real worry-killers. Of course, the worth of the insurance is measured by the pay-out. However, it reduces your anxiety beforehand.
  3. Focused work. This is by far the best strategy against overthinking and worrying. Either you keep on being productive or you focus your energy on removing the problems.

Why focused work is the best way

Keeping productive and doing work that pays you in the long-term are my personal favorite tips. Whenever I feel down or worried about something without an active role to change it, I read a blog, or work on my passive-income plans. I am in the zone and it feels liberating how working can make you mentally free. And I recommend friends and my brother to have side projects as I do. Furthermore, every kind of success boosts you with happiness. And makes you addicted to continue working instead of overthinking.

If you use these three strategies, you have a real chance of living a carefree life.




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