The Importance of Gratitude

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Yesterday was my birthday, I turned 27 years old today. As usual, I could not sleep. Because I thought a lot about my life. What have I done so far? What goals did I reach? Are there mistakes I should prevent? And more importantly, what does the future looks like for me? I have a nostalgic feeling which forces me to think a lot about my past. This is my yearly recap of my life. This year, in particular, I realize the importance of gratitude once more.



My projects – A recap

work - the importance of gratitude

Social Media Site for Gamers:

After procrastinating at the beginning of the year, somehow we manage to finish some work. It is not ready for a Beta phase yet. But, our product is almost finished. For the next 2 weeks, we will rush this to the end. So far that we can launch it. And from there, we will see how it goes.

Recap: I wished I could motivate myself to finish this project sooner. It is exhausting, the meetings, the review of our code, and countless brainstorming about features and ideas. The reason for this is the shift in priority. I concentrated more on my blog and my shop.


Dropshipping – Online Shop

Secondly, I worked on my online shop for about 4-5 months. And my shop is opened for 3 months. Until now, I make decent results and moreover I got a lot of experience. I learned new things in terms of selling, my customer base, and I learned some new things about customer support.

Recap: The start is done, now the whole thing is about making it successful and offers them a much better experience.



Please-your-mind – Self-improvement Blog

To be honest with you guys, I could not imagine that I would still be active. I thought, after 1,5 years, I would stop writing. But somehow this is one of my happiness sources. Every time, some of you guys read an article, I got a new subscriber, or one of you mentioned it, I feel such happiness you could not imagine. Furthermore, reaching out to strangers and loved ones by offering a solution or just a simple line of thought, is the best thing that happens to me. How am I who was shy and mostly interested in technology ends up writing about psychology stuff? Life is unexpected and amazing.

Recap: I think my blog will run like this for another one year. In 2021, I will reconsider the future of this blog. By the way, the premium membership will be free for my subscribers. I do not know when to start this offer but I will let you know 🙂



Friends – A recap

Every year, some people strengthen their bond even further. And some other people cut loose of me. Back in my days, these events were crushing. I can still remember the words of a guy who said: “All of your friends turned away from you. Your behavior hurt everybody and you are not a good friend overall.”

These words contain some truth behind them. Over the years, I lost connection to the dearest people in the world. Sometimes because of me, sometimes because of them. And I was never a part of a consistent group. All over the years, I jumped from group to group. In addition, I categorized them after activities and I was strictly keeping it that way. As a result, I was thinking: Am I even possible to keep friendships for so long at all? Am I maybe a bad friend?

The answer: Hell no!!

By getting older these things became minor issues. I think becoming an adult is realizing what your values are and to know when to cut loose. I have many great friends. Precious people who I would donor an organ without asking. It is pathetic that I do not feel this gratitude every other day. However, friends are truly an important part of everyone’s life. Even friends who departed from me I am grateful as well. Every conflict and fight made me who I am. And I am pretty awesome now.



The importance of gratitude

Dear Friends,

thank you for remembering me. In the last years, I had depression whenever I turned a year older. Life was not fun and it was exhausting. In some capital of my life, I did not want to live anymore or I would escape from Berlin. Starting new and trying to forget my past. Moreover, my birthdays were a reminder of what a failure I was. “You are 25 now. What did you accomplish? Nothing you fcking loser!”

Nevertheless, I learned a lesson from you guys. Regardless of what I accomplish, you guys love me for who I am. It does not matter if I become successful or poor, you are loving me for my personality. This turned my view of myself. And for that, I am grateful, deeply grateful. I got so many sweet messages, I shed a small tear, to be honest. Even though this should be obvious, I did not see it.



Summary – The importance of Gratitude

summary - the importance of gratitude


Summarized, it is important to recap our lives from time to time. Not only it is important to evaluate our progress and goals, it is more important to keep our mindset healthy. Many people regret things they have done. Moreover, they still suffer from their decisions in the past. However, all of our “mistakes” are necessary for our personal development. Just by shifting our view, we can improve our mental state. Instead of looking at them as mistakes, we should see them as lessons. And this can be done if we are grateful for everything, good and bad things. This is the importance of gratitude.

At this point, I want to show you how grateful I am. Thank you a lot for being part of my life and my journey until now. Thanks a lot for just asking how I am, remembering me at some points, tagging me in memes and Instagram challenges, asking me for advice, inviting me to games, inviting me to drink, or just hanging out. The more I rush into the world of self-employment these small things keep me on the ground and make me realize the importance of gratitude. Stay healthy. I love you guys.



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