Good Habits, not discipline, lead to success

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All the days feel the same when you stay at home due to the national lockdown. It was hard for me for the first couple of days. Because this lockdown is messing up with my life. The gym, Clubs, and Starbucks are closed. My life turned upside down. The first three days were a waste. I played video games all day long. I had problems starting my usual daily routine.  As a result, my friend told me that I do not have discipline. Furthermore, this person compared me with him and others. We can do it normally why not you? You have no discipline at all. Well, I did not take it well. He does not respond to me anymore. Anyway, this person was right, I have no discipline in working at home. Because I developed the habit to be productive outside my home. Let me break down why good habits, not discipline, lead to success.

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