How to build a success-driven mindset for your business

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During your journey to achieve many things in business, people and a lack of self-motivation will sabotage you. You will experience shocking failures, your expectations will not be met and you will lose a lot. How do we continue regarding these circumstances? How do we take pride in our work even though we stay a failure? With the right mindset of course. Here are 5 Tips on how to build a success-driven mindset for your business.

Many people are too result-focused

how to success a business

In the last couple of weeks, I found out that I love to support people who make their dreams come true. I met many people like vloggers, cover-singers, entrepreneurs, and other influencers. I support these people by subscribing or giving them some motivating talks. Because I know how hard it is to start something. If they continue on this path, they will encounter many problems, mostly mental issues. The weakest don’t even start, and some quit midways.

Why? Because most people are impatient and are not prepared to wait. Furthermore, they expect fast results with low effort. In other words, they think that the work they create is pure gold. That is why they expect an overnight wonder. But I know, things like that take time. Nevertheless, I try to keep their motivation as high as possible. So, I can minimize the negative feedback from others. One reason why I support their dreams. Another reason is just that I love to see people following their dreams and see how they will improve themselves.

Because I know how hard it is to keep working. It is crushing when you put so much effort into your side projects and got nothing in return. Worse, people start to hate your work or even talk shit about it. Not even that you receive nothing in return, but you also receive hate and jealous comments. At this moment, you start to think if this is worth your time. You start saying: Why do I even do these things when it makes the world even worse? Should I even start when I know I receive no rewards or validation?

The Ego destroys your attempt

You should let go of these kinds of thoughts. Because we have only minimal control over the rewards. Be it other people’s recognition, validation, or rewards. So, what do we do? Not work hard, not produce, because there is a chance it would not be reciprocated? Please.

Think of Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, or Jeff Bezos whose ideas languish “ahead of their time”. Think of all the activists who will find that they can only advance their cause so far. According to society`s main metrics, these people were not rewarded for their work. Should they have not done it?

It is far better when doing good work is sufficient. In other words, the less attached we are to outcomes the better.

When fulfilling our own standards is what fills us with pride and self-respect. When the effort – not the results, good or bad – is enough. – Ryan Holiday

Therefore, focusing on the results is generally not the best approach regarding your mindset.

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 5 Tips on how to build a success-driven mindset for your business

advice - how to success a business

Here are my 5 Tips on how to build a success-driven mindset for your business

1. Build a steady habit and remember the satisfaction

To work constantly on your goals you need to develop a steady habit. In my blog post about habits, I explain in detail how you can create long-lasting habits. Good positive habits can take you further than you can imagine. Start small by working for 30 minutes per day, and increase the amount with time. Another good approach is to assign different places to a task. For example, I work in a café and I spent my free time playing video games only at home.

By doing this, you won’t have to deal with self-motivation. Because your body and mind automatically know what to do. Furthermore, it is satisfying to call it a day if you accomplish so much. Remember this feeling that you accomplish something great. I promise you, you become addicted to this feeling

 5 Tips on how to build a success-driven mindset for your business: #1 Create a habit so that your body and mind know automatically what to do and remember the satisfaction of every accomplished task.

2. Find your purpose

To help you reach your goal, habits and consistency are key. Support them by defining your purpose. Answer this: Why am I doing this? I accept all answers except for money or validation. Because if your whole purpose is making money or getting other people’s validation, you won’t come far. Because fulfilling these two can be done in other ways, too. Therefore, you will change your path or even your profession. It will not help you enjoy the process.

In my case, I love programming. I can work hours and hours without feeling bored of it. Of course, there are times when I don’t feel like working. But most of the time, I enjoy it. In addition, I love to make people happy. This is the reason that keeps me up working late at the night for my clients. I simply think: “Come on Thien, work until you finish. Don’t you want to show your great work?”

Yes, I do that also because of money. But if I work just because of money, I would quit after I encounter the first hardship. Instead, I remember my purpose. Remembering your purpose is powerful. It carries you through a lack of motivation and boosts your mindset to the highest possible level.

 5 Tips on how to build a success-driven mindset for your business: #2 Find and define your purpose. Your purpose is the main goal that pushes you beyond your limit.

3. Nothing is for granted

Nothing is free. Rewards, validation, and recognition are the most desirable results. And therefore, they can only be earned. Only by working hard, you can earn it. The rule is quite simple. Work hard and be rewarded. Here comes the twist. When will we be rewarded? Who decides that we are rewarded at all? We are not the one who decides that. The only thing we can do is to work hard and increase the chance. This is all you need to know. The hustle and one day you will be rewarded. Believe in yourself and your effort.

 5 Tips on how to build a success-driven mindset for your business: #3 Be aware that nothing is for granted. We cannot decide when or if we will be rewarded at all. We can only believe and work hard. Nothing else can we do. But one day, everything you wish for will come.

4. Find like-minded people

If you cannot do it alone, work with other people. Learn from them. Learn from their knowledge, experiences, and mindset. If you want to start your journey. Even if you are highly motivated, sharing your hard work with others will let you enjoy the process more. I did not think that way a long time ago. I always thought I can do it on my own. To a certain extent is it true. However, being in the same boat will let you feel like belonging.

When I saw a friend posting her first music cover video on youtube, I was so happy for her. I mean it. Because it takes so much courage and commitment to do so. Also, talking with people about overcoming hardship is not only good for yourself but also a great way to connect. I remember talking with friends about SEO and eCommerce.

 5 Tips on how to build a success-driven mindset for your business: #4 Be friends with like-minded people or people who share the same journey as you. It gives you a feeling of belonging and you learn from each other’s mistakes.

5. Take a break

There comes a time when you feel like giving up. Even though when your day was a productive day. You did a lot and even reach the next step. However, you asked yourself why you put yourself through all these tiring tasks. Is it even worth it in the end?

Yes, it is. To get a glimpse of success you put yourself through hell. You are just tired. You deserve to take a break and recover. Don’t push yourself too hard.

5 Tips on how to build a success-driven mindset for your business: #5 Take a break you deserve it.

Do you want to know more about this topic? Get more in-depth knowledge with this book: Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday

Summary – 5 Tips on how to build a success-driven mindset for your business

summary - how to success a business

Since I post my journey on Instagram, I encounter the first negative comment today. This small comment with a huge impact showed me that there are people who sabotage you mentally. This is just the surface. But I know deep down there are some people who don’t indulge my success. Even though my successes are small. Remember you will be unappreciated, sabotaged, fail, and lose. How do we carry on them? How do we take pride in ourselves and our work?

Change the definition of success:

Success is a peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming. John Wooden

Do the work. Do it well. Then let go. That is all there needs to be. This is why we cannot let externals determine whether something was worth it or not. It is on us and our work. Doing the work is enough.



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