How to get motivated instantly

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Motivation is our main source to act. And without it, our life seems to run by. Today I show you guys how to be motivated instantly.

The Process of Motivation

the process of motivation

Motivation is like the wind. We don’t see when it is coming or from where. But once we feel the wind pushing our back we move forward. Regardless of this sensation, we are still wondering, when the wind will come. Therefore, we attend motivation events, read blogs, or listen to podcasts. All this enormous work to wait for the wind.

Basically, I describe the typical process of motivation. Most of our time we wait for emotional inspiration. This emotional inspiration motivates us to change something that will lead to action. When you reflect on yourself, you will see a pattern. Do you work out now because someone rejected you? Do you look for a better job after your boss is humiliating you? Or do you want a better life because you want to make others jealous? When these are your motivation, you are following the process of motivation.

You might discover a weakness. The process of motivation starts with inspiration. Depending on inspiration is bad because we can’t trigger it. Maybe it will come today, next week, or even next year. And if you can trigger inspiration, it will cost you a lot of energy to activate it. Also, the inspiration – the reason to act – might be questionable. So, is there a better way to get motivated instantly?

How to get motivated instantly

how to get motivated instantly

Just like in real life, we don’t need the wind to move forward. We can just walk. Step by step, starting with the first step. And this is the secret to how to get motivated instantly: Just start doing it and the motivation will follow.

For example, I am right now reworking all of my blog posts. Not only do I correct or update content, but I also have to update the images. You can imagine the huge workload I am going to face. I can assure you, that I don’t feel motivated. So, I keep saying to myself: “Let’s work on one blog post for the day.” After finishing one, I feel motivated to do another one. And another one. And another one.

The first step is always the hardest. Just like a kid that doesn’t want to take a bath. After the kid is in the bathtub, he doesn’t want to go out. Getting motivated is similar to that. Once you are in the zone, you don’t want to stop.

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Summary – How to get motivated instantly

summary - how to get motivated

Don’t depend on external sources for your motivation. Not your friend, an inspiration, an event, or something else. Because it makes you inconsistent. Rather use the ‘Just start doing’ rule. With that, you get motivated instantly.

So it was it for today’s post. I hope you can use this principle every time you feel demotivated.



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