how to reduce social anixety naturally

How to reduce social anxiety naturally

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Social anxiety was and will always be a mystery for me. Things that are natural for me are quite difficult for others. For example, some friends have problems asking if the restaurant is closed. They play with their feet and hesitate to make a move. While they are dealing with their thoughts, I am already inside and asking: Hey, do you have a table? / Are you guys closed already? My girlfriend is amazed by it. I, however, was confused by it. Because I didn’t understand why asking a merely simple question is impressive. So, she told me about social awkwardness and anxiety. I was fascinated by how people can be paralyzed by these circumstances. I looked deeper into it. And ask her questions about what might lead to social anxiety. I remembered that I experienced these situations before. But with time, I overcame social anxiety. So, here are my tips on how to reduce social anxiety naturally.

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