How to develop your self control – 10 tricks

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Winners “make” it happen, and Losers “let” it happen. When I talk about self-control, I do not mean control over emotions. This misunderstanding confuses many people. They interpret self-control as keeping themselves cool and calm. However, Self-control is a synonym with self-determination. Especially now, I am more responsible for my life than ever. Every decision I make, and every action I take determines the success of my life. Moreover, no one is responsible for my life other than me. I cut loose of every external reason I could blame. But instead, every mistake, it is 100% my fault. Increasing the level of self-control is hard. Because we have no one to blame. And blaming someone else is easier than taking responsibility. However, developing self-control is the most important step towards freedom and power. Here are the reasons why we should develop our self-control and a list of how to develop our self-control.

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